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The most popular area for backpackers to stay in KL is Chinatown. Its heart is Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street). Accommodation ranges from simple bed-and-breakfast inns with communal bathrooms to one-star and two-star hotels that are air-conditioned. (Hotels in Malaysia are rated by a star system, ranging from one to a maximum of five stars; those without any star rating are classified as "budget"). Another advantage of staying in Chinatown is its closeness to Puduraya bus station. This is the main station for buses going to other cities in the country. Chinatown is also within walking distance to the KL Monorail station on Jalan Maharajalela and also the STAR Light Rail Transit station near the Central Market. Chin Woo Stadium which has a swimming pool that is open to the public for a nominal fee is just 20 minutes away by foot from Jalan Petaling. Perched atop a hillock, it is a great place to cool down after a day of hectic sightseeing. a href="airasia" target="_blank">https://www.nayashopi.in/airasia-offer.html">airasia

My second recommendation for accommodation is Brickfields, near Stesen Sentral (Central Station), which is the city's rail transportation hub. All Light Rail Transit (LRT) trains stop here, including the KLIA Ekpres that plies to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The five-star Hilton Kuala Lumpur and Le Meredian are located within the complex. However, just across Jalan Tun Sambanthan are affordable accommodations. They include Hotel Summer View, De Sentral Hotel, Mexico Hotel and Hotel Florida to mention but a few -- they all come with air-conditioning and attached bathrooms. A few inns that one rung down the price ladder are also available, including the YMCA. The negative point about this area is the lack of evening activities. Also, food is mainly confined to vegetarian eateries and Indian fan-ventilated restaurants serving banana leaf curry rice.

A useful contact is the Malaysia Budget Hotel Association at No. 52 Tengkat Tong Shin, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +603-21412313. Fax: +603-21439313. Email: mbha1 @tm.net.my. Website: budgethotel.org.my

Finding cheap and hygienic food is probably the least of all problems for backpackers. Countless alfresco stalls are found in hawker centres. Two popular havens for cheap hawker food are Jalan Alor and Jalan Petaling. A meal with a fruit juice or soft drink can cost as little as RM6! For more comfort, go to the food courts of shopping complexes, which are often tucked away in the basement. Fast food outlets such as McDonald, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken to mention but a few are scattered in many parts of the city. For Indian fare, go to Lebuh Ampang; Malay food is aplenty in the districts of Chow Kit and Kampung Baru. Avoid 24-hour Mamak (Indian Muslim) eateries unless you want to take the slight risk of a stomach upset. The food (fish, chicken, squid, etc) on display in glass containers in such eateries may have been heated and re-heated umpteen times. Order something that is cooked on the spot instead such as fried rice, fried noodles or chicken chop to guarantee that what you eat is fresh. To cut costs on food, my recommendation is to try roti canai (a type of pancake) in the morning which can cost as little as RM1.50 per piece. Variations such as roti canai with egg, sardine or banana are also available. Two or three pieces washed down with the "the tarik" (literally means "pulled tea" ) will give you sufficient fuel for your tramping around. All major shopping complexes also have food courts that offer local food at decent prices.

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